Monday, April 17, 2017

Chapter 9

It breaks my heart that no one cared enough to show up to Gatsby's funeral. At least his dad came. What does it say about Daisy's character that she never showed up to Gatsby's funeral but she supposedly loved him? Did she not come because she was afraid of losing Tom and being alone? Did Tom and Daisy work all there problems out or do they just ignore them? Will they both go back to cheating on each other? I wonder what owl eyes is supposed to represent in this book, it is odd to me that he of all people showed up at the funeral. It is also odd to me that even though Gatsby had this big elaborate parties that everyone came to no one showed up for his funeral. My view on Gatsby definitely changed throughout the book. At first I saw him as this strong confident independent guy that everyone loved and wanted to be. As the story progressed though I began to see the different sides of him, his weaknesses, the things that made him mad, the way he viewed life. The way I saw Gatsby began to evolve. I saw him as more of a human being at the end then in the beginning of the book. It seems to me that Nick is connecting the possibilities of America and the American dream to Gatsby. He looks at Gatsby and see's how much hope he had and he connects that to the American dream. Maybe if things had gone a little differently that day in town then Gatsby would still be alive, but it seems to me that a lot of him died before even his body did. Daisy started to pull away from him and she is all he ever wanted. I guess the real question to ask is: would Gatsby have even wanted to live without Daisy by his side?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chapter 8

Gatsby really shows me in this chapter that he cares a lot about Daisy. He waited outside until he went to bed to make sure that Tom did not do anything to hurt her. I wonder if at this time Daisy knows that Myrtle was the women he was cheating on Daisy with? Is Tom mad at Daisy at this point? It is really cool that we finally get to find out more background on Daisy and Gatsby because I always wondered what happened with them. If I were Gatsby I would be pretty mad that Daisy didn't come out and talk to him. Everyone in this book focuses to much on money rather then on other or more important. How can Wilson be so sure that Gatsby was the one to kill his wife? I cannot believe that he shot Gatsby just like that. I always expected Gatsby and Daisy to work it out and end up together. How will Daisy find out? Will she be broken? Will her and Tom continue to be married? I did not expect the chapter to take these turn of events. When Gatsby is shot the idea of love seems to be killed off as well. It is killed off because I think everyone assumed that Daisy and Gatsby would end up together but once Gatsby was shot all hope of that was gone. The force of anger and love I think are both things that cause destruction in this chapter, Wilson loved his wife and wanted who ever killed her to be dead. Daisy I think should take the blame for her own self- destruction, she fell apart of the way home from town and that is why she hit Myrtle. I don' t think she was thinking right. The reason she fell apart was also some Gatsby and Tom's fault but at the same time she handle the situation badly. She knew that she loved Gatsby yet she was still married to Tom and she married Tom while she was still in love with Gatsby, both of those things are recipes for disaster. I think the hope and optimism inside Gatsby were killed before he actually was. He really believed that him and Daisy would be together and things would work out but when him and Tom got into that crazy fight he saw Daisy slipping away from him. When Myrtle was killed part of Wilson died with him. I think mostly because he regretted the events of the night she died and because he did really love her that is why he in part killed Gatsby and himself. In a way I think it is a death by fire because when fire starts it continues to take down everything it is path and that is what happened in "The Great Gatsby" once Daisy killed Myrtle the fire just kept spreading and Wilson and Gatsby both ended up dad.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chapter 7 The Great Gatsby

Gatsby tell's Nick that Daisy has been coming over a lot. Does this mean that they are dating? How are Daisy and Gatsby so open with there relationship without Tom finding out. Why doesn't Daisy's child like Tom? Why isn't Daisy's daughter around a lot? Who raises her? Why did they take 2 cars into town in the first place? Why does Tom insist on taking Gatsby's car? Is Tom upset that Myrtle is leaving with Wilson? Did he just tell Wilson that he would give him Gatsby's car? The way that Nick describes it it seems that Tom is really upset about Myrtle and Wilson leaving town. I think that Tom is definitely onto Gatsby and maybe even knows something is going on between him and Daisy. Tom even asked Gatsby "what row he was trying to cause". So I guess Gatsby and Daisy weren't as sneaky as they thought they were because Tom knows something is up. Whoa everything really got heated all at once. So Tom does know that Daisy is cheated on him with Gatsby. The truth about Gatsby and Daisy also came out as well. She didn't want to marry him because he was poor. Is that why Gatsby made such an effort to be rich? For Daisy? Why is Tom so sure that Daisy is not leaving him? Has she changed her mind after hearing about the drug stores?? Why did they just drop it and decide to come home? Tom seems very secure in his and Daisy's relationship to let her drive home with Gatsby. It seems that the heat in this chapter is symbolic for a type of underworld or abyss that all of the characters are leaving through at this point. Why does Nick randomly remember that it is his birthday? It does't make much sense to me that Myrtle is so mad at Wilson, he is doing what she wanted and they are getting away. Is the anger coming from the fact that she would be leaving Tom as well? Who would hit someone and just drive away and why were they going so fast in the first place? Was it Tom or maybe Gatsby? Once I heard that it was a yellow car I knew right away that it was Gatsby's car. Was Daisy or Gatsby driving? It shocks me that neither of them stopped. Why didn't Tom tell the officers that it was Gatsby? He already hates him. It seems to me that it might have been because Daisy was in the car as well. The way that everyone is handling this situation is really weird to me, why wouldn't any of them talk about it? Tom and Daisy are just starring at each other trying to pretend they can move on with there lives. It can't be easy to just move on with your lives with everything that happened that day. It also is clear to me that Gatsby does love Daisy since he said he would say that he was the one driving, that takes guts. Gatsby also seems very calm which makes me believe that he can make this all go away somehow. After all he does have tons of connections. Gatsby seems like the kind of person that never gets nervous about anything. He doesn't seem shaken up about this at all. Maybe that is because the it is possible that the rumors of him killing a man are true.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chapter 5 The Great Gatsby

Why is Gatsby's house so lit up? If it isn't a party then what is it? It seems that Gatsby wants Nick to make more money so that he can make his house look better for when Daisy comes over. He even made a remark about wanting him to cut the grass, but not his own, Nick's. What is his Finn? In this chapter I saw Gatsby in a different light, he seemed so nervous when Daisy got there. I can imagine that Nick felt really awkward with Daisy and Gatsby. I really wonder what happened with Daisy and Gatsby 5 years ago. I get the sense that Daisy still loves Gatsby and Gatsby obviously still loves Daisy. I wonder what they were talking about when Nick came in the room and Daisy was crying. I also feel like Daisy doesn't really love Tom, it doesn't seem like there relationship is all that solid. Especially since Tom is cheating on her. I wonder what will happen after Nick leaves them alone in Gatsby's house. It makes sense why the green light was such a big deal to Gatsby now, it was a glimmer of hope for him. He looked out at that light and thought about Daisy and what they could be. I thought that when Daisy saw Gatsby that she might be upset but it seemed that it was a pleasant surprise for her.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Chapter 4 The Great Gatsby

It is weird to me that at the end of chapter 3 Nick never talked about going to hangout with Mr. Gatsby. For as important as this book makes him sound I feel like they should have explained that. It seems that Nick doesn't even really like Gatsby, he describes him as kind of boring when they decide to go to lunch. He even seems to be annoyed with him. His attitude towards Gatsby has definitely changed, maybe that is because everyone built Gatsby up so much that Nick expected more. Why does Gatsby say that Nick will find something out this afternoon at tea with Mrs. Baker? Why wouldn't Gatsby just tell Nick whatever he needed to tell him right then and there? Where are Nick and Gatsby going for lunch? They seem to be going quite far for just a lunch. I guess Gatsby does everything extravagant, even lunch. It seems that Gatsby and this man have a crazy back story and lots of stories together. I mean they were talking about one of there friends getting shot outside the restaurant. Did Mr. Gatsby just disappear once he saw Tom? Was it because of Tom? Where did he go? Why did Gatsby want Nick to meet this friend of his specifically? Is Jordan narrating now or is she talking to Nick? Is this Daisy that she is talking about the Daisy in the book? So Daisy and Gatsby knew each other at a young age and dated?  This is probably why she acted so weird at the beginning of the book when Jordan mentioned his name. What was the letter that Daisy seemed to be so upset about before she married Tom? Did it have to do with Gatsby? It seems to me that Gatsby bought the house so close to Daisy because he still loves her. Is it possible that Daisy still loves him as well, which is why she freaked out when she heard about him? What happened all those years ago between them? It appears to me that Gatsby was just using Nick to get to Daisy. What does Gatsby want to tell Daisy at this tea? Do you think Daisy would want to see Gatsby after all these years?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Chapter 3 The Great Gatsby

Is Nick talking about Gatsby at the beginning of chapter 3? Does this neighbor have these parties ever Friday night? Is Fitzgerald writing Gatsby as himself? It seems very nice of Gatsby to invite his neighbor that he has never meet before. Was Jordan invited to this party? Are Tom and Daisy there? Gatsby sent her a new dress just because she ripped hers at his party? That's a very nice thing to do. Did he really murder someone? Is this man that is in the library Gatsby? If so the Fitzgerald does not describe him the way I thought he would look. I also didn't expect him to be in the library by himself instead of at the party. Never mind, this guy is just some man, he is not Gatsby. How did it just happen that Nick and this mystery guy were in the war together and they found each other years later? That is quite cool actually. So Gatsby was in the war, that wasn't a lie. I think it is good for Nick that Gatsby was so nice to him and that they found something in common. It seems that they are going to be good friends. I think that this is good for Nick because he seems to be a lonely guy. Gatsby seems different then I would have expected, Nick says he doesn't drink and he stands off by himself just watching the party instead of being involved, why is this? So Jordan and Nick start dating? Is seems that Nick still believes that he loves Jordan even though she is a liar.

Chapter 2 The Great Gatsby

It is crazy to me that Tom goes all the way to New York and picks up his mistress in front of her husband. Do you think that Myrtle's husband knows that Myrtle is having an affair? How did Tom explain that he was picking myrtle up? What did Tom say to his wife Daisy? The place that is described in the beginning seems really sad and depressing, is this place being described for a reason? Does this place represent the moral decay of both of the eggs? In this chapter I think that you see Tom's true colors. It seems that there might be some tension between Myrtle and Mrs. Mckee. Myrtle seemed to be very sassy and rude to Mrs. Mckee when she said that she liked her dress. Why is this? I was shocked when he hit Myrtle in the nose, it is obvious to me that he is a awful guy. He does not care at all about his wife clearly since he is cheating on her. He also clearly doesn't care about Myrtle since he decided to punch her in the face when she was drunk because she wouldn't stop talking about Daisy. The fact that Tom has a wife must really bother her, even though she has a husband. Maybe she really loves Tom and wishes that they could be married one day. It seems that this party didn't really turn out that well.